What Resources Are Available for Older People in Hot Springs?

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Whether you are a senior citizen living in Hot Springs or know a senior citizen who could use some help, we’ve got you covered. No longer will you have to sit and Google ‘elderly resources near me’ only to scroll through a hoard of irrelevant or unsuitable activities. We have a wealth of resources for seniors in Hot Springs at your disposal.

Independence is an important factor in the lives of seniors. But aging can make it more challenging to be independent. Something as simple as vision loss can make catching a bus or cooking a meal more challenging. More serious issues like immobility or cognitive deterioration can put a strain on family members and cause severe isolation.

Retaining independence and the best quality of life is important, which is why we have put together resources for seniors in Garland County. Whether you’re home-bound, active, or somewhere in between, there are resources for seniors that can help.

Fitness and Physical Health

You’ll find an active senior center in Hot Springs that offers a wide variety of fun activities for older people. Physical fitness, such as yoga, group exercise, and gentle team sports, is a great way to make friends and ward off nasty illnesses like diabetes and heart disease. Physical fitness can also help seniors recover after a health incident such as a stroke or heart attack. If a senior has recently had a bereavement, it can also be a nice way for them to recover emotionally.

At all of our senior centers, you can get your overall health monitored, a nutritious meal, and various support groups to help improve overall health and wellness. Visiting a senior center for a few hours can also give family caregivers some much-needed respite. Different centers offer different things, and each calendar is unique. To see the list of senior centers near you, click here.

Disability Support

Many seniors live with disabilities including advanced diabetes, glaucoma, and physical immobility. This can make it challenging to get out and about, buy food, and attend social settings. Being disabled or homebound does not mean you need to stop having fun, doing daily tasks, or having an active life. Aging in place (the process of staying at home and not going to a care facility) is an option thanks to the wide range of resources for seniors in Garland County.

Some of the resources for elderly residents in Hot Springs include Meals On Wheels, which involves nutritious meals being transported to your doorstep. Our home-delivered meals help those living with a disability, illness, or frailty, and who meet the eligibility requirements should you be 60 years or older and struggle to prepare your own meal.

There are also useful transportation services that can take seniors to essential appointments and check-ups. Medication management support is also a resource for seniors in the area. You can read more about these resources by clicking here.

Social Health and Well-being

Loneliness is a killer. In fact, some experts argue it's just as deadly as smoking. Social health is just as vital as physical health. However, immobility, the death of close friends or not knowing about local resources can put a dampener on social well-being.

Transportation to a senior center could be the only hurdle that needs to be tackled to gain a healthy social life, and the good news is, we can provide this. While each region across the state offers different transportation services, you might find you can be taken to the grocery store, pharmacy, doctors, or activity center. To read more about transportation, click here.

If you or a loved one is homebound, a visit from one of our team could also help improve social well-being. A caregiver can come to your home and do light housework, cooking, talking, personal care support, and laundry (to name a few). This human contact can help improve the quality of life of a senior. In-home respite care can also give family members a break from their duties, providing relief all around.

Veteran Support

If you are a veteran looking for resources for a loved one, we’ve got you covered too. In addition to our usual services, veterans could be eligible for extra care through one of two of the VA’s Benefits for Elderly Veterans Programs.

These programs give Veterans additional financial compensation if they are eligible for or receiving a VA Pension benefit–Aid and Attendance or Homebound.

Caregivers of veterans may also qualify for additional help. You can consider yourself to be a caregiver for a Veteran if you give:

  • Emotional and physical support
  • Assistance in the care of a disabling wound, injury, or illness
  • General advocacy

Family Caregiver Grants

Being a caregiver to a loved one can be rewarding, but there are inevitable financial and emotional strains that come with it. We offer access to a program called the “Family Caregiver Grant Program,” which gives short-term help and respite for caregivers.

Anyone applying must be caring for someone at least 60 years old. However, there is no age limit if the person has Alzheimer’s or another type of dementia. Applications are not means tested, so your earnings will not be a factor.

Also, available to the families of senior citizens are support groups and advice. We can provide respite care for a loved one while their family member attends a support group.

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If you are tired of Googling ‘elderly resources near me’ and want specific, tailored advice on resources for seniors in Hot Springs, contact the Area Agency on Aging of West Central Arkansas today.

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